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2018 Brewin Dolphin Points Competition Champion: Jack Freeman

July 5th, 2019


We caught up with the Men's 2018 Brewin Dolphin Points Competition Champion, U23 Jack Freeman.

Now charging towards an elite race license and eyeing the next step of his racing career in Belgium.


ToS: Well done again on last years Men’s Points Competition victory! After 5 stages you won with a total of 37 points, 5 points clear of your closest rival. On the way there you bagged the fastest time in the infamous Ditchling Beacon Individual Time Trial with a time of 5m 52s. How did you prepare yourself mentally and physically going into the races?

JF: With my back ground in Time Trials I know where my limits are and that is simply what I did. I set myself a power target for the flat beginning section which meant I wouldn’t be suffering at the bottom of the climb but it also meant that I wouldn't lose much time on my rivals. Once on the climb it was a case of how deep can you go. I knew what power I could hold for 5 minutes and just held it there.


ToS: Reflecting back to last year, what would you say were  you Top 3 moments or memories from last years  Tour of Sussex? 


JF: Stage 4 was meant to be a case of limit our losses for Anthony who was in the top 5 on GC, so to come away with 2nd place on that stage with only 3 out of 4 riders was great.

Stage 5 was critical with time bonuses and sprint points available throughout and we worked well as a team to position each other ultimately ending up with myself winning the points classification and my team mate 3rd on GC.

ToS: Racing with Meudon Pedal Heaven it’s clear that you’re part of a strong team - placing 2nd in the Team Time Trial at Goodwood Motor Circuit in Stage Four is testament to that - what makes the team click and what have you all been up to for the past 12 months?


JF: We all have similar goals and all simply want to enjoy racing bikes. As a team we have mostly been riding Nat B's this year with the occasional Nat A. I was also lucky enough to go to Ireland and race the Rás Mumhan.

ToS: With the Men’s Tour just weeks away, we suspect that you might have some insightful tips for the 2 returning stages as you were on the podium for both:  

Ditchling Beacon Individual Time Trial - 1st Place

JF: Ride the climb before you race it. You need to know where the climb pitches up and how far you have left to go otherwise pacing will be much tougher.

My plan was just above threshold for the first km and then push on over the steep sections and ease off a bit on the slightly flatter sections.

Kidds Hill Road Race - 2nd Place

JF: This was the hardest stage of the race last year and it was more a case of survival, one small break formed and got a gap but it was more a case of riders going out the back. So make sure you eat and drink enough and you have enough energy when it comes to the final climb.

ToS: How did you get into cycle racing / competitive sport and what kept you pinning numbers on your back?

JF: I started cycling after I dislocated my collarbone in October 2012 and had my interest spiked by the Olympics. From there I began doing local TT's and one thing lead to another. I’ve always been very competitive and cycling allows me to see places that I otherwise would never have visited.

ToS: Do you have any words of encouragement, support or advice for people who are interested in or are currently taking their first steps in the sport?

JF: Nothing beats a good weekend club run. This is what really got me into the sport and kept me motivated in the first couple of years. One of the things I love about this sport is there is an area where everyone can excel whether it’s in time trials or a hilly road race there is something for everyone. It has taken me several years to find my strengths but the effort I put in is now paying off.

ToS: Finally, what’s next for you? Are you eyeing any upcoming races in the U.K.? Do you have an interest in racing overseas or other competitive sports?

JF: As I mentioned I’ve already been lucky enough to race in Ireland and I am planning to head out to Belgium for a bit. Otherwise I’ll be doing a mix of Nat b’s and A’s for the rest of the year.

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